Don’t like where you are living?  If you aren’t in a position to move to another house and yet are feeling that your present house or apartment doesn’t meet your needs, consider what feng shui has to offer.    Many times your current living space can meet your needs much better than you could ever imagine.   Just consider applying some of the many layers of feng shui.

Most people are familiar with the decluttering emphasis of feng shui.   Whether you move or not, it is an important step. Clutter is a dam in the flow of what you say you want in life, so start by doing a little bit at a time now. First of all, you will have more space – room to play, room to work, room to just breathe. The household will run more smoothly. You will have a fresh outlook on things and you will appreciate what you do have. Yes, getting rid of clutter can make you like your current living situation! It can also make room for what you want, even a new house.

Position of furniture is another key aspect of feng shui. Many times rooms don’t seem to “work”. Furniture may be awkwardly placed so that it doesn’t support the purpose of the room. You may have trouble sleeping if you can’t see the door from your bed. You may feel that you have no room to sit down and talk with someone if all your furniture is lined up facing the television. Or you may not be able to concentrate because you desk faces the wall and not the door. Take a good look at the position of the furniture and consider the use of each room.

Another basic layer in feng shui is use of space. Just as the position of furniture does not always support the purpose of each room, sometimes the actual room itself does not support the purpose. Just because the previous owners used a particular room as a dining room does not mean it is the best use of that space for you. Carefully consider your needs and then reevaluate the use of each room.

Also be aware of rooms that have no defined purpose. If you have a room that does not know what it wants to be, you will end up putting anything and everything into that room, creating the infamous “junk room”. Essentially it becomes wasted space. Be clear about what each space is to be. Yes, a room can have more than one purpose, but those purposes need to be very clear.

Ceiling height and beams can also play a large role in how you may feel about your space. High ceilings are often not conducive to feeling cozy and may be avoided. Be sure that the floor is grounded with a dark area rug(s) to pull down the energy. Conversely low ceilings often make people feel claustrophobic. Light colors and up-lighting can help lift the energy in those rooms. Beams can cause a range of problems from just feeling uncomfortable to health issues. Avoid putting beds, main seating, or desks under beams.

Color is one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to change your space. Paint over those white walls and immediately make a difference. White makes rooms feel the coldest and sound the loudest. A soft yellow can brighten a dark space. Need energy? A red wall will energize and uplift – the whole room doesn’t have to be painted. Need calming? Try some blue. Too much red can be over stimulation for some, and too much blue can put others to sleep (or make it difficult to get up in the morning). When choosing color, it’s important to consider the personalities of those who live in the space, the amount of light, the room’s purpose, and the climate of your area. Avoid extremes, and since paint is easy to redo, don’t be afraid to try something new.

These are just a few of the layers of feng shui that can be applied to make a space feel and work better. I’ve had clients over the years decide they don’t need the addition after all. I’ve had others realize their complete remodel could be scaled down considerably. Many have learned that their houses could be homes that they wanted. They just needed to revamp the feng shui way.