Bring Internal and Interior Sunshine to Rainy Days

July 22, 2009

Many of us have experienced a very rainy summer.  Plans to play outside have been dampened by the rain or the threat of rain.  When this happens, do you sit around and grumble?  If so, it’s time to brighten your space and your life with a bit of interior and internal sunshine.

Think happy colors.  Browns and grays on the walls can be depressing in climates that tend to produce more than their fair share of these colors outside.  Consider painting a room or two.  An entry, kitchen, and living room or family room will have the most impact on the whole household.  Soft yellows can do wonders to lift the energy of the space.  Be careful to not overdo the brightness in your quest for sunshine!

Clear clutter.  Spaces free of clutter feel lighter and brighter.  Start by getting rid of 27 things from a room and see what happens.  Do it with the intention that you are making room for something that you want – be specific.  Clean as you clear the clutter and observe how much better you feel in that space, even if you are stuck inside for another rainy day

Clear the energy.  Arguments, illness, trauma, and everyday life leave behind bits of energy that linger in a space, affecting those who use it long after whatever transpired there is over.  Energetic clearings can make a space feel happier, brighter, and lighter.  Give you and your space  a fresh start with an energetic clearing.  These can be done on site or remotely.

Create your own sunshine!


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